March is Madness

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Lazlo

The PAX: Dr. Dandelion, Noodle, Hightower, Buffet, Prenup, Prius

Cold, windy morning in the gloom on Friday. Yet, a strong turnout for a March Madness workout. It was a tourney-style workout, starting with a round of 68, 32, etc. Due to time, we only made it to the Sweet 16, much like any team the HQ pulls for in the BBall version of this event. Special nod to Dr. D for picking up the count when your HQ found himself, well, speechless.

WARM UP: SSH; Imperial Walkers; Arm circles; Windmills; fellowship lap to pick up some coupons

THA-THANG: The setup was inspired by the Four Corners offense. Stations were in each corner of the football field with the cinder blocks at Corner 1. For the welfare of the HQ, the round of 68 was split four ways for 17 reps each. It went something like this:

-Bear crawl ~50 yds to Corner 1, do 17 shoulder presses

-Sprint 100 yds to Corner 2, do 17 burpees

-Lunge walk ~50 yds to Corner 3, do 17 Merkins

-50yd high knee/50yd butt kicks to Corner 4, do 17 LBCs (IC), round of 68 is done.

-Crawl bear to Corner 1, do 32 curls; backwards run to Corner 2, do 32 high knees; duck walk to Corner 3, do 32 mountain climbers (IC), Carioca to Corner 4, do 32 flutter kicks, round of 32 is complete

-Crab walk to Corner 1, do 16 squat thrusts, 50yd run/50yd backwards run to Corner 2, do 16 Bobby Hurley’s, reverse lunge walk to Corner 3, do 16 wide Merkins, single leg hop (50yd right, 50yd left) to Corner 4, time for Mary.

MARY: 68 LBCs, 32 scissor kicks, 16 Freddie Mercury’s, 8 toy soldiers, 4 snow angels, 2 WWIIs, 1 60-second boat/canoe

COT: The premise of the Four Corners offense is to spread out, avoid each other, limit interactions. The lesson from this morning’s Q was how much that really sucks. What’s better is friendship, connections, getting to know people. Fellowship. Part of what F3 is all about. The PAX were challenged to make a connection this week. Someone at work or in the neighborhood or the grocery store or wherever. You nod or say hi, but you’ve never really talked and gotten to know who they are. Spread the fellowship. Aye!


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