13 and 3

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Jenner

The PAX: Bone, Lucius, Major Payne

Superbowl LIII happened last night where the Patriots beat the Rams 13 to 3. Not all that exciting. Only YHC and 3 other PAX made it out of the sack and all would soon become familiar with the score of the game.

The AO had some remnants of the Polar Vortex as we found out during our fellowship lap. Patches of black ice were looming in the gloom, but the Patriot PAX managed to stay on their feet and work their way around the icy lanes back to the corner of the field to get started. Here’s what went down…

WU: 13 x SSH, 13 x Windmills, 13 Arm Circles Fwd and Reverse. 13 x Cherry pickers, 13 x Mountain Climbers, 13 x Merkins

The Thang:

Mosey to pick up a cinder block per PAX and carry over to the right side of the Toy Box.

Three rounds of 16s: PAX started with 13 x Wall Mountain Climbers and then 3 x Dwight Howards. Then 12 x Wall Mountain Climbers and 4 x Dwight Howards. Then 11 and 5. Then 10 and 6 and so on until the last set of 3 and 13. Split the work into thirds and separate with exercises below.

Split #1 Wall Ball Burpees: With a partner, throw tennis ball off the wall and then do a burpee. Catch the ball as partner throws it back off the wall and then repeat. If the ball gets past the partner, continue doing burpees.

Split #2 Ball to Block: With partner on opposite side of basketball foul line holding a cinder block, toss the tennis ball over so partner hits it back with the cinder block.

Split #3 13 x Curls, 13 x  Thrusters, and 13 x “Kettle Bell” Swings: Use a cinder block.


Around the horn Mary. 35 x Flutter Kicks, ABCs, 10 x Heels to the Sky, 20 x American Twists.


Did not have anything planned. Thanks for taking up the recommendations and going along with some of the “experiments” with the tennis balls and cinder blocks. Maybe there’s something there when it gets lighter outside. Let me know. Always looking for feedback. Anyways, it’s awesome that we had the four of us out here. Thanks for coming out!

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