Arctic Journey

AO:  The Patriot

QIC: Jenner

PAX: Major Payne and Lucius

Today is Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. so the start time is the delayed Federal Holiday time of 7:00am. Usually, this extra time allows more PAX to post…unless the temperature outside is half way between when fresh water and salt water freeze.

WARM UP: SSH; Imperial Walkers; Windmills.


Knights of Columbus: The PAX moseyed over past the front of the school, took a right on Yorktown as Lucious told us about his latest Ruck event that was successful! We turned into the Knights of Columbus and explored its snow covered grounds. We ran past the volleyball court, which looked like a permafrost you could ice skate on. We trotted through the snow to the playground and found horizontal bars that were perfect for pull ups if you were a fully grown elf and did pull ups til failure. We then found a suitable dry area for 15 merkins. Then we found a non-pristine part of the white brick wall and did 15 four count wall mountain climbers. We then did 20 box jumps on a low wall of stone pavers. After that, we picked up blocks of chopped wood and ran the length of the parking lot, approximately 100m but actually felt like 150m with the wind, and then back while commenting how this would have been great with a larger PAX when we could have partnered off and done different distances and things with it. We couldn’t think too hard about the past and the days when we had strength in numbers. We needed to focus on battling the harsh weather and completing our journey.

Discovery: The PAX mustered their strength and moseyed over to Discovery, taking a shortcut through a neighborhood where we gathered wind-swept trash and threw it back between trash containers. At Discovery, we climbed over two hexagonal metal pods that had rock handholds so it made it OK. Major Payne nearly slipped and broke a leg. But still, we pressed on. Our journey was not over. We monkey barred, hopped over fake fallen trees, and spider climbed. We then found shelter from the freezing winds behind a wall and did 15 Dwight Howards. A challenge was given to run up a slide. It was taken. Slipped like there was a banana on the slide. Recovered. Then we all helped Major Payne relive the memory of bear crawling through the bike racks. Ah, what good memories from that PAX we once had.

Lewes the Log: The weather hardened PAX then headed back, running side by side, back to Patriot Field. We stopped by to lift Lewes up to free it from the frost bitten weeds promising that we’d see him / her / it soon. We made it.

MARY: PAX choice of Flutter Kicks, Box Cutters, and Hollow Tuck

COT: I had the cold last week and so I stayed out of the cold. I am getting over the cold so I came out in the cold. Thanks for baring it with me. We are F3 hoorah! (I made this last part up).

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