A Mixed Bag

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Maj. Payne and Rogue (FiA)

The PAX: Subprime, Prenup, Jenner, Lucius, Deflator, Bone, Trebeck, Dr. Dandelion, Poe, Rooney (FiA) and Milkweed (FiA)

It was a mixed bag of 13 F3 and FiA PAX this frosty morning where the snow missed the Patriot AO, but covered much of Virginia. Undeterred as always, the Arlington PAX posted for another epic gathering in the gloom. Here’s what we did…


Side Straddle Hop x 15 in cadence
Imperial Walkers x 10 in cadence
Willie Mays Hays x 10 in cadence
Slow Body weight squats x 10 in cadence
Merkins x 15 in cadence

The Thang:

Time for the PAX to split into partners for the Partner-Up Chipper!
For each exercise, split the 100 reps where one partner exercises while the other “rests.” When the 100 reps are complete, partners run to the other endzone and back (200 yds). Rinse and repeat with next exercise.

Exercise                                                      “Rest”

Squats                                                         Plank Jacks
Burpees                                                      Freddie Mercuries
Jumping Lunges                                       Mountain Climbers
Merkins                                                      Flutter Kicks
Skaters                                                        Side Plank Needle Threader
Supermans                                                 American Twists

Once the PAX made through the Chipper gauntlet, Rogue led all through an agility ladder, conjuring images from when she captained her football team to the state championships!

  • First time through, one foot per rung.
  • Second time through, left leg lead, trail leg crossover
  • Third time, right leg lead, trail leg crossover
  • Fourth time, legs together, legs apart
  • Fifth time, Four across
  • Sixth time, Merkin walk (switch sides halfway)
  • Seventh time hopscotch

Close it out with a mosey to field center for a circle up and some Mary.

20 x Heels to Heaven
50 x LBCs

COT: Thanks to all for posting in the cold to make ourselves better despite the lack of snow that our kids (and some of us) all wished for. Remember all who are suffering and in pain. They need our prayers. Good out into the world and do good!

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