Strong Legs

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Maj Payne

The PAX: Lucius, Hightower, Prince Harry, Fish Fry, Bone, FNG Trebeck

One of the great things about Q-ing a workout is the Q decides the exercises. Because YHC is dealing with a cranky shoulder, today became a legs-focused day, with, as always, a little bit of bear crawling thrown in for fun. The following is a true story…

WU: SSH x 25, WMH x 10, IW x 15, LBAC (front) x 10, LBAC (rear) x 10, Slow BWS x 10, lap around the track and mosey on to the student parking lot for…

The Thang:

KB Ricky Bobby — Count off by twos. Ones take a 45# KB, Twos take a 35# KB. Each group move single file to the opposite end of the parking lot. The Pax at the back of the line grabs the KB and sprints to the front of the line, puts the KB down and then moves as appropriate. Once the current person at the back reaches the KB, they pick it up and sprint to the front and so on. At the end of the lot, switch KBs and move as appropriate back to the start point. It’s not a race, but, well…it really is always a race isn’t it?

Round 1: Bear crawl
Round 2: Lunge walk

Grab the KBs and mosey on to the Arena for a modified Dora!

Partner up! One man run, the other starts exercising. Flapjack when the runner finishes his lap and picks up on the exerciser’s count for a total count between partners of:

100 x BWS
200 x Step Ups
300 x Wall Toe Touches

All was going well until Bone led the running group astray as he searched for a pooping location. No problem. The PAX recovered after a mild detour. And Bone made it back after his Class 2 download.

Once complete, mosey around the AO to the Gauntlet for…

Lunge walk to first light post, then broad jump to next. Repeat the sequence through to the last light post.

No time for Mary. Finish.

COT: It’s always an honor to lead the PAX. Today was balmy, but soon it will be cold and rainy again, which creates the best F3 memories. The gloom is a special place where great things are accomplished, and when the weather makes things tough, the experience is magnified. To be sure, making others better – accomplishing something – is something everyone should strive to do on a daily basis. There are many ways to make this happen. Sometimes it’s done by paying someone a compliment. Sometimes it’s helping them in a time of need. Sometimes it’s listening to them talk through a difficult experience. And yes, sometimes it is about pushing them to do something they would never do on their own – in an uncomfortable environment – to make them better men and better leaders.

See you all in the gloom again soon!

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