Gridiron Classic

AO: The Patriot

Q: Fish Fry

The Pax: Hightower, Subprime, Dr. D, Poe, Maj. Payne, Jenner, Lucius, Bone, Sludge

Shoulder rolls
Fellowship run-High knees and butt kickers

The Thang:
We marched up and down the field like Alabama on an opening drive, throwing the exercise die and doing the call for each. We made excellent progress except for the Charlie Brown pulled by Maj. Payne that set us back a few yards. Who knew that Subprime was a kicker?

Next we ground it out every 10 yards with some arm exercises
Inch Worm
Lateral Push Ups
Crab Walks
Spiderman Push Ups
Zombie Crawls
For a break on the arms, we went into the middle of the field for an over/under Ring of Fire
Zombie crawls
Spiderman push ups
Crab walks
Lateral pushups
Inch worms
Not to be left out, we did some legs sideline to sideline
Walking Lunges ½ way into side lunges the rest
Frog jumps ½ way into broad jumps

Mary: Tricycles, LBCs, Windshield Wipers

COT: An honor to lead the PAX!

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