Off-Campus Tour

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Maj Payne

The PAX: Horsepunch, Subprime, Dr D, 90210, EEEEEEE (DR PAX F3BeaufortSC), Prenup, FNG Jughead, Sludge, Hightower, Fish Fry, Bandit, Bone, Roddick. Lucius

It was a chilly clear October morning, and 15 strong PAX escaped the evil fartsack to challenge themselves. YHC recognizes that it can be difficult sometimes to face the 30-something degree gloom, but there is no substitute for strengthening oneself among brothers. Here’s what we did:

Warm up:

10 x SSH
10 x IW
10 x Merkins

The Thang: Mosey to corner of 28th St. N and Yorktown. 5 x burpee. Continue to Little Pimmet Run Park path. 5 x burpee at first stop. Then to 30th St. N. hill and count off by twos. Ones run the hill, twos do BWS. Flapjack. Once complete one round, mosey to Rock Spring Park pump house for some dips and derkins 10 x each. Secure coupon #1 cinder block. Mosey onward up Little Falls Rd to Knights of Columbus. Lunge walk around the driveway to house entrance where the PAX secure coupon #2 cinder block. Continue lunge walk with coupon (5 x lunge steps and pass it off). Mosey back to Yorktown HS to discover coupon #3 for flutter kick coupon pass. 10 x flutter kicks with coupon. Pass the coupons until all PAX have had the opportunity to do at least 10 x flutter kick holding a coupon. It took 5 rounds to hit all PAX.  Leave no man behind!

Mosey to tennis courts for some F3 tag. Distribute 3 headlamps. Those with the headlamps are “it.” If tagged, PAX must execute 3 x burpee before going to tag someone else. It was all a bit chaotic, but worked, and yes, Horsepunch eventually got tagged. After 10 min, switched to bearcrawl tag for 5 min. Brutal.

Back to start where the PAX stumbled upon Bandit and Fish Fry who arrived late. They unsuccessfully had completed a car tour search, then returned to the AO for a dynamic duo beatdown on their own. PAX then knocked out a quick Mary. 50 x LBC, 10 x Hello Dollies, 10 x Flutter Kick and boom, finish.

COT: Today we traveled off campus. Sometimes we all need to travel off the beaten path to find others in need. It’s important to look around in the world for those that need a hand. Get outside of your comfort zone to make the world a better place. Challenge yourselves to be the better father, son, neighbor, employee or boss. Amen!

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