Four Track Workout

AO:  The Patriot

QC:  Fish Fry

8 Pax braved the 38 degree temps in the gloom:  Fish Fry, Bones, Twinkle Twinkle from Napierville, Dr. D, Lucius, Noodle, Maj. Payne, Hightower


1 Fellowship lap around the track, high knees on the first straightaway and butt kickers on the back straightaway

Power jumps

Junk yard dog

The Thang:

1 lap Indian Run

Song Challenge:  Burpees on the word “down” to Tubthumping, SSH on melody

1 lap catch me if you can, 4 globe jumps for the chaser

Song Challenge:  Sit up hold while Rihanna sings, full sit ups while Eminem raps to Love the Way You Lie

1 lap Sprint on Straightaways

Song Challenge:  Merkins on Roxanne by the Police

Song Challenge:  Squat Holds on “Bring Sally Down” to Flower by Moby

Mary:  Plank Jacks, Hello Dollies, Bonnie’s Torture

COT:  For the theme of today,

I know it seem hard sometimes
But, uh, remember one thing
Through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that
So no matter how hard it get
Stick your chest out, keep your head up, and handle it.

2Pac, Me Against the World


Ecclesiastes 4

Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their efforts. 10 For if either falls, his companion can lift him up; but pity the one who falls without another to lift him up. 11 Also, if two lie down together, they can keep warm; but how can one person alone keep warm? 12 And if someone overpowers one person, two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not easily broken.


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