QIC: Prince Harry

PAX: Luscious, SubPrime, Bone, Hightower, Major Payne, Prince Harry, Noodle, Jenner, FNG Bandit

Warmup: 2 laps
Circle of warmup, everyone pick one:
25 SSH, side leg stretch, arm circles forward, arm circles backward, imperial walkers, cherry pickers, Rockettes, 20 merkins

The thang: 10 burpees, bear crawl across side field
10 burpees, gorilla walk back
10 burpees, side shuffle/lunge
10 burpees, duck walk
10 burpees, lunges

Mosey over to entrance, jog up N Greenbrier St, up 27th street and down N Harrison St to Yorktown Blvd crossroad. Split into two groups, Indian running up the hill until the park. Mosey through park to pullup bars and knock out 5 each.

Mary: Flutter kicks till failure with 75

CoT: Appreciate you all coming out here and running with me on a Friday morning. I know runnings not the favorite but with Horsepunch filling out sleeves some running will make us well rounded. Wish everyone the best through the rest of the day and weekend and see you all next week!

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