Circuit Fun

AO: Olympus

Co-Q: HT & Roddick

The PAX: HT, Roddick, NAFTA, Mule, Glee, FNG Fishfry

PAX moseyed to circle to stretch. YHC started with 30 cadence SSH,
The Thang:
PAX then moseyed up to tennis courts for some bear crawls and crab walk. Then we moved around tennis courts, split the group into 2 groups. Fist group held balls to the wall and performed 10 shoulder taps, while second group did burpees. Switched positions, then Rinse & Repeat for 2 sets.

Then the PAX jogged over to fields where Roddick took over. At the fields there were 6 stations set up
2 rounds through the circuit:
1st station battle rope
2nd station Face pulls with band around a pole
3rd station 20lbs med ball slam
4th station 20 med ball tosses toward the sky
5th station lunges until station 6 was done
6th inch worm to push up 20 yds once done everyone switches

Shuttle run on the soccer field all in yards
10yds – 5 sec break then back
20yds – 7 sec break then back
30. 10 sec
40. 12
50. 15
60. 20
70. 30
80. 45
100. 1min and back for all

Went around the circle for core exercises, which included Flutter Kicks, LBC’s, Heels to Heaven, ‘Merican Twists, T-Bone, more flutters.

Congrats to Roddick passing his physical exam, also taking on his V-Q! All looking forward to his future Q’s! Welcome Fishfry!

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