Pick Your Poison

AO: Patriot on 9/5/18

QIC: Jenner

The PAX: Subprime, Major Payne, Flutie Flakes, Prince Harry, FNG BP, Soot, Noodle, Bone, Jenner

20 SSH, then Imperial Walkers, Cherry Pickers, and Arm Circle stretches. Followed by sideline to sideline high knees, butt kickers, and a jog.

The Thang:

So this concept is still developing, but I like to call it Pick Your Poison. The premise is you throw out a quick exercise like a sprint along with a technical exercise like a Release Alternate Shoulder Tap Merkin, and have the Pax decide which one they think they can do faster. Pax split and do both, but compete on their chosen exercise last. Underlined exercise won. Losers do 8 burpees. Winners do only 4 burpees.

  1. 10m and 20m shuttle run vs 15 Release Merkins
  2. 2 different stair runs vs 40 Release Merkins; then mosey over towards the Toy Box
  3. Sprint to wall for 5 Dwight Howards vs 15 Release Alternate Shoulder Tap Hang Pulls; mosey over towards dugouts
  4. Sprint to do 10 pull-ups vs 25 Release Air Squats (it was a tie!)
    • Release Air Squat: go down in the full body air squat position and touch the ground in front of you, then you fall back on your hands and raise both feet off the ground, and then return to standing position. That’s 1 rep.

Then split into 3 groups and do a Squad Shuffle. Throw out 3 exercises of equal length.

  1. Sprint and do 12 dips on bicycle rack
  2. Sprint and do 8 leg pistols each leg
  3. Perform 5 regular Pull-ups and 5 Release Pull-ups
    1. Release Pull-up: Pull chin up over bar and lower your body and at the bottom, tap your thigh with each hand. That’s 1 rep.
  4. Each team does each exercise, keeping track of which team finishes 1st, 2nd, and last so, time permitting, overall winner can dole out penalty burpees.

Round of Mary included Flutter Kicks, American Twists, LBCs, Elbow to Opposite Knee Crunches, Plank and touch opposite foot with each hand.

Wanted to juxtapose the fast and quick exercises with the technical and slow exercise, and choosing which one with number of reps could be done in less time is similar to how we approach problems in life. Some times, an issue is worth just diving in and tackling without much thought or preparation. Other times, a challenge is worth thinking about and analyzing before getting started. We should all be aware of when these approaches should be used and just like coming out in the gloom to work on our health and our bodies, staying sharp mentally and making the right choices also helps us become better leaders at work, home, and in our communities.

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