Experimenting with Pallets

AO: Olympus

QIC: Hightower

The PAX: Tenenbaum, NAFTA, Mule, Snappy Lunch, Roddick, Jenner

30 SSH, then HillBilly, Good Morning, Arm Circle stretches. Followed by 20 merkins. Then the PAX moseyed to jog a loop around parking lot, with high knees, butt kickers, then Karaoke shuffles.

The Thang:

The group split into 2 teams for the first pallet experiment, pulling pallet sleds. Utilizing cinder blocks and battle ropes, YHC created 3 sleds. First PAX pulls the sled to 1 station, where Second PAX is doing burpees, then takes over pulling the sled to station 2. There third man is doing air squats, then takes over pulling the sled to 4 station. Forth man is doing merkins at station 4, then turns sled around to head back to station 3. After each man arrives at new station he continues the exercise until the sled arrives. After several runs through each station, the group lined for for full parking lot runs with sled. As each 2-man sled ran down parking lot the rest of the PAX jogged along for support.

Next experiment carrying pallets up Olympus stairs. Staying in 2 groups, first group on top of stairs with pallet and second group on bottom of stairs. Each group would send 1 PAX carrying pallet over head up or down stairs to exchange with other group waiting. Top group waiting does air squats, while bottom group curls cinder blocks. This experiment lasted so each PAX could run the cycle twice.

After returning the pallets the PAX lined up for Ricky Bobby around Allen Johnson Track.

Roddick explained full sit up protocol for his upcoming qualification test. So PAX split into 2-man teams for perform at least 37 full sit ups per protocol. Finally PAX performed Ring of Fire with 10 merkins, while rest held plank.

Best of luck to Roddick for his upcoming qualifications test! Guest Q coming Sat Sept 1 from F3 Churham, Toast McQueen. Workout open for M’s and 2.0’s, family style! 2 guest Q’s scheduled for Mon, Sept 3, Labor Day. Toast and Buffay, both from Churham, so would like to arrange special Labor Day theme workout.

Prayers to all our children heading back to school. Also special prayers to Jenner’s and Tenenbaum’s family for their losses.

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