Introduction to Lewes the Log

When: 8/1/2018

Where: The Patriot


PAX: Rousey, DrD, Jenner, Speedo, Bone

Warm Up:
30 cadence count SSH, Hill Billies, Good Morning, Arm Circles forward & reverse

The Thang:
PAX set off up towards 27th St N, stopping for Merkins and Air Squats. Once we arrived to N Harrison, group set up in 3 groups of 2 for lunge walk back towards park. Then bear crawled to park entrance.

Once we entered the park PAX searched & found Lewes our new log coupon. Staying in 3 groups, group carried log back up to playground, while group 2 lunge walked. Then group swap of lunges & log so group 2 who carried to grass hill. Next up, 30 squat press of Lewes for group 1, while group 2 bear crawled down & back grass hill. Then group swap log & bear crawls.
Then the PAX split into groups of 2, to curl Lewes 10 times, while rest did burpees, then rotate.

30 flutter kicks, 3 man groups, group 1 held Lewes up while doing flutter kicks. Then round 2, group 2 held up Lewes for flutter kicks.
15 LBC’s, staying in groups. Group 1 held Lewes for round 1, then switched Lewes to group 2, for round 2.
Group 1 carried Lewes back to playground, while group 2 lunge walked. Then switch Lewes to group 2 to carry back to woods, while group 1 lunge walked.

Rousey has Q on Fri, introduce us to his own coupons.
YHC Open invite to PAX, M’s and 2.0’s for family workout Sat 0700 at Olympus.

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