Welcome to Olympus!!!

When: 7/14/2018

Where: Fairfax / Lake Braddock Secondary School

QIC: Hightower

PAX: HorsePunch, Prenup, Dr Dandelion, SubPrime, MajorPayne, Speedo, Jenner,
FNG’s Pepper, Chief, Stubing

Warmup: SSH, HillBillies,
Fellowship jog around campus, karaoke straddle, followed by high knees

The Thang:
PAX wondered across parking area with traffic cones, and split into 2 groups. Group A knocked down cones, while Group B stood up cones. Timer set for 1 1/2 minutes, to determine which group wins. Group A won Round 1, so groups switched for Round 2. Group B won, figured out easier to knock down cones! Future we’ll call this competition ‘Defensive Driving’.

Then the PAX moseyed to rear of campus for broad jump parking spaces, followed by walking lunches. Came upon rear entrance for school, with small barriers. PAX lined up to bear crawl barriers one at a time, then at end hold plank against wall until everyone came through. Then the group beat crawled through barriers, then at end held Balls to Wall until everyone came through.

PAX then moseyed over to Football field, however before entering PAX performed 7-Count Jacobs Ladder on stairs. Started with 1 burpee on bottom and 6 air squats on top. Top of stairs felt like entrance to Mount Olympus, hence name for AO!

Group then lined up for Death March, Rickie Bobby style around track. Rear person does burpee, then sprints to front. Rinse & repeat around the track we went.

Group circled up as each member of the PAX called out their favorite core exercise.

Ragnar runner, looking to fill 3 more slots. Scheduled for last weekend if Sept.
Official launch for new AO, Sat July 21 at 0700. Will schedule drinks with guest Q for Fri night, who will be coming up from Carpex.

Welcome FNG’s Pepper, Chief and Stubing!!

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