American Ninja Warrior: Trials

When: 7/7/2018

Q: Jenner

The PAX: Prenup, Gavel, Leprechaun, Shamrock, Early Bird, Turtle, Bucco, Maj. Payne, Dan

Warm up: side shuffle hops, imperial walkers, mosey to playground for arm circles fwd and back

The Thang:
At the playground, do 30 points*, split up into 3 teams and learn to use environment at various locations to do 10 pull-ups and then 10 sec isometric hangs.

*30 points: Any combination of crunches or air squats (1pt), push ups or dips (2pts), or pullups or burpees (3pts), OYO

Then mosey to the stage in the woods for cherry pickers and then sideways lunges up the wooden benches and finish with forward lunges with a deep 5 sec hold.

A few meters from the stage hangs the climbing rope. Team members from one team climbs the rope as many times as they can while the rest run a half loop around the Tuckahoe Park and then rotate so every team climbs.

With warmups and practice done, mosey back to the playground for the mini-challenges played like a game of CAT. Remain in 3 teams. A team member chooses a challenge (isometric hang for x seconds, x number of derkins with feet against the circle swing, go from point a to point b without touching the ground, traverse the spider tower and down in x seconds, etc.) then performs it. Whichever team member fails the challenge gets a letter of CAT. In-between attempts, a team member is not idle but doing 30pts. Do this for approximately 8 mins.

Run over to the old playground against the school. Peoples chair against the wall. PAX who picked up letters in CAT pick up broken stones, one for each letter, and hold them out in front during the wall squat. Each team rotates through 3 stations.

  1. Bar Work – Forward roll x5, Chest to Bar x10, Hang Pulls x15 and is the timer
  2. Infinite Monkey Bars – PAX 1 traverses feet first under the monkey bars while PAX 2 crab walks on top of monkey bars. Other PAX wait on either end with an isometric hold (or just stand on the ground, all depends on your comfort level) for PAX in front to finish before beginning next traversal.
  3. Wall Pole Lunge – Pull-ups x5, Pole climb, Bulgarian lunges x5 each leg

Then run back to the playground for another game of CAT. Approximately 8 mins.

Skip round of Mary since the PAX will have too much fun and will get core and abs during CAT.

Announcements: Three slots left for the DC Ragnar – get with Prenup if interested.  Launch on July 14 for the Fairfax AO!

COT: YHC brought everyone together to note that while vacationing down in Myrtle Beach, was able to drop in on an AO two miles away from hotel and was welcomed for a workout in the gloom. That night, saw a high school friend competing in American Ninja Warrior and has started a Parkour school while being a stuntman for Tom Cruise and Robert Patterson. So it was a about time to introduce some American Ninja Warrior. It is the end of a celebration week and YHC still feels proud to be an American. A ninja is always aware and uses their environment to their advantage so think about that whenever you’re trying to remain healthy and fit. And we are all warriors being out here on a Saturday in the gloom. Thanks for everyone coming out.

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