Measure Friday

When: 7/6/2018

Q: Prenup

The PAX: Horsepunch, Roddick, Leprechaun, 90210, Maj. Payne, Subprime, Jenner

8 PAX showed in the gloom for Measure Monday’s slightly more relaxed cousin Measure Friday did not disappoint!

Warm up: side shuffle hops, imperial walkers, cherry pickers, down dog, pole assisted pec stretch (don’t worry, all dudes), fellowship lap

The Thang:
400 yard run (Jenner running an absolutely absurd 59 seconds, Horsepunch running angry in 61 passing 90210 at the very end who rocketed out in what looked to be 64 or 65.)

Pull ups (Major Payne calling 21 and hitting it, Leprechaun jumping over the hump at 5.)

Merkens in a minute (Subprime doing 55 like he was doing light yoga, Horsepunch matching merkens for seconds with 60.)

LBCs in a minute (74 for YHC and Leprechaun, and there were also some 80 numbers getting called out – probably Subprime!)

100 yard dash (Jenner in an otherworldly low 11 second split, still the fastest transitioning athlete in America, YHC shaved off a second from last Measure Monday to come in at low 14.)

100 yard timed bear crawl (most absurd performance of day was Horsepunch crawling 100 yards in 34 seconds like Kong escaping Skull Island, and equally impressive was Leprechaun’s grit in finishing his 100 strong. And Roddick making it look like he’s been doing it for years!)

Three rounds of Mary: flutter kicks (two minutes after absurd bear crawl, Horsepunch registers equally absurd beached whale imitation by not getting feet off ground and stalling Mary), Merican twists, and finishing with balance of LBCs to 100.

Special props to 90210 and Roddick for hanging tough in ALL events and showing true grit and determination, even without having the benefit of the first go around.

Announcements: Horsepunch noted the July sheet is up, with help from Leprechaun to make sure it doesn’t crash. If interested in Ragnar, contact Prenup. Need a Saturday Q, Jenner and Maj Payne stepped up to split. Coffeeteria after today’s beatdown.

COT: YHC brought everyone together to note that while much of what we do is in a group, the struggle is also an individual one, and that there is some event, some exercise for which your body begins as your enemy, and within a month or so your body becomes your friend. Thank you to the group for taking this journey with each individual and pushing them each time.

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