Blood, Sweat and Tears: Independence Day 2018 Style

When: 7/4/2018

Q: Maj. Payne

The PAX: Subprime, Prenup, Bucco, Dr. Dandelion, Horsepunch, Jenner, Hightower, Hook’em, FNG Mudslide, Wham-o (Transplant from F3 Birmingham), Zebra (DR PAX from F3 Dayton), Free Fall (DR PAX from F3 Hampton Roads), Leprechaun, NAFTA, Speedo, and Deflator

17 PAX gathered to honor Independence Day 2018 at Washington-Lee HS (a potential expansion site for F3ArlingtonVA). Our nation began with the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 242 years ago, and this day, YHC guided the PAX through a hot, humid and sweaty journey to honor those who fought for and helped found it!

Warmup: Mosey around the track with 7 stops for 8 reps of warmup exercises: SSH, IW, LBAC front, LBAC back, Merkins (of course!), BWS and finally pull-ups, which equals 56 reps total – the number of signers for the Declaration of Independence!

Trivia Question 1: Today’s AO is Washington-Lee HS, named after, in part, George Washington. Did he sign the Declaration of Independence? (Ans from the collective PAX: NO! He was busy leading troops in battle at the time. Good call! Couldn’t let that rest though, so…

Trivia Question 2: Which of our other founding fathers did not sign the Declaration of Independence?
Jenner responded with Thomas Jefferson. NO! 5 x burpees for all PAX! (Ans: Neither John Jay, James Madison nor Alexander Hamilton signed the document for various reasons.)

Trivia Question 3: When was the Declaration of Independence signed?
NAFTA took a stab with July 4 (or did he say 2nd?), with Horsepunch in agreement. NO! 5 more burpees for all PAX! (Ans: The Founding Fathers primarily – there were a few stragglers – signed the document in Philadelphia’s Independence Hall on Aug 2, 1776)

Mosey to the parking garage where the PAX honored the explosive battles fought during the Revolutionary War. By the time the members of the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, battles had been raging for more than a year (Battles of Lexington and Concord went down in April 1775), and in fact more than 20 battles had occurred, to include Bunker Hill! To honor these battles, the PAX performed a series of explosive exercises through the parking garage: 10 x plyo Merkins, 10 x Jump Lunge, 10 x Box (Stair) Jump twice, 10 x Starbursts, 10 (-ish) x High Knee Skips.

Mosey to honor Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware (in Oak Grove Park). By Christmas of 1776, the Patriots were suffering many wounded, but the fight remained, and they had to keep going. The PAX partnered up for the buddy carry to honor those who had to carry the wounded in battle. Then, because Washington crossed the Delaware to surprise the Hessians and Brits, not once, but three times, the PAX performed three sets of exercises: 10 x buddy-assist leg throw, 10 x buddy-assist overhead press and 10 x Derkins. This is not TV, and so there were still wounded that needed to be transported, so swap PAX and buddy carry to the bank of the Delaware (aka far side of field.)

Washington and his troops surprised and defeated the enemy, and they were able to garner provisions for the struggling Continental Army. Of course, they needed wheel barrows to get the supplies back to camp, so the PAX honored them by wheel barrowing across the field and back! Swap as necessary. Well done gents.
Mosey on to the Yorktown Siege (aka the W-L Planetarium) for the final major land battle of the Revolutionary War. The Patriots surrounded the Brits encamped at Yorktown while building supplies and strength for the final battle, which translated to PAX 1 running around (surrounding) the Planetarium while PAX 2 built strength via burpees, then flapjack as many times as necessary to complete 50 burpees as a team. Once all teams complete, plank it out.

Finally, the PAX moseyed back to the start for a quick round of Mary. 20 x flutter kick, 15 x LBC, Free Fall led the PAX for some Dry Docks, and Dr. D led for some Bonni’s torture.

COT: Today we celebrate 242 years since our Founding Fathers declared independence and created our great Nation! They were amidst conflict then, just as all PAX face conflict every day. Although our daily conflicts don’t generally involve bullets and cannon balls flying through the air (unless they do…thanks for all who serve in our Military) we all have both big and small struggles, and we must rely on our brothers to pick us up and help us out. Thank God for all brothers, those present and not. Our charge today is to go out and be the best brother, father, son, co-worker, boss, or whatever role we have, that we can possibly be. Happy Independence Day! Make it count! Aye!

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