90210 beat down with Tug o War

When: 6/22/2018

Q: Hightower & 90210

The PAX: Deflator, Bone, Jenner, Subprime, Prenup, Leprechaun, Shamrock, NAFTA, 90210, HT


20 Side Shuffle Hops, Hill Billy & WMH’s Stretches, Arm Circles Forward & Reverse

The Thang:
50 yard military crawl with complex burpees. Start with 2 burpees, then crawl 10 yards, then 4 burpees, rinse & repeat. Finished with 4 extra burpees.

PAX broke into A & B group for Tug of War. Winning team holds plank, losing team knocks out 15 merkins. Went for 3 rounds, hopefully we’ll continue Tugs in futures!

1.5 lap indian run

On Endzone x2
10 jumping squats
Sprint to 50yd line
10 Jumping lunges
Sprint to opposite endzone and plank hold

On endzone x2
10 Jumping lunges
sprint to 50 yd line
10 jumping squats
sprint backwards to opposite endzone and plank hold

On endzone
Alligator pushups to the 20yd line
20 Flutter kicks
20 partner assisted leg lifts

Final push:

20 WWII sit-ups
10 Merkins x2
10 diamond Merkins x2
10 wide arm merkins x2

COT: We’re assembling a Ragnar Team. If interested, let Prenup or Subprime know via Slack. Also don’t forget the soft launch on July 14 for the Fairfax AO!


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