Modified Murph!

When: 6/20/2018

Q: Maj Payne

The Pax: Bone, Dr. Dandelion, Prenup, 90210, Leprechaun, Hightower, Speedo, Jenner and Flacco (F3 Carpex)

It’s always great to have DR PAX in the house, and today we welcomed Flacco from F3 Carpex, one of the regions that is helping to launch F3TheCapital. It was an honor to crush ourselves a bit n the gloom together!

Warmup: ez lap, SSH, IW, arm circles fwd and back, BWS and Merkins

The Thang: We at F3 ArlingtonVa have decided that it would be fun to knock out a Murph each week, so on this day, why not celebrate that by doing a modified partner Murph?

Partner up. Pax 1 runs around the arena while pax 2 exercises. As a pair, 100 x Australian Push-ups, 200 x Merkins, 300 x BWS. TCLAPS to Hightower for doing it with a ruck. Once complete, mosey right into a Jacobs Ladder on the nearby hillside. Start at top with 1 x BWS, run down for 6 x burpees. Then 2/5, 3/4, 4/3, 5/2 and finally 6/1. With the pax thoroughly smoked we moseyed back to the SP for a quick Mary. 25x flutter kicks and finish.

COT: It’s been an honor to pull this together with y’all. F3 is special. When YHC is feeling down and out for whatever reason, all it takes is a beatdown in the gloom to lift the spirit back up! Thanks for being here. Now go out and find others who can join us as we make ourselves into better bosses, employees, sons, fathers, colleagues…whatever role you serve in life, strive to be better!

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