Measure Monday

When: 6/11/2018

QIC: PreNup

The PAX: Jenner, NAFTA, Dr. Dandelion, Leprechaun, Gavel, Maj. Payne, Subprime

Warm up:

10 x SSH
8x IW
10x Merkins
Lap around track

The Thang:

1st event-quarter mile run-fast as you can
2nd event-pull ups-as many as you can do without stopping
3rd event-LBC’s-one minute
4th event-100 yard dash
5th event-push ups-as many as possible in one minute
6th event-partner carry-200 yards or however far you can go.
8th event-100 yard bear crawl-

Some highlights: Jenner with a flash-like 1:04 in the quarter mile. Twenty pull-ups by Dr. Dandylion. Subprime carried YHC for 200 yards – no small feat of athleticism! And YHC got 9 pull ups for first time since probably age 25-30 – original goal was 10 pull ups on June 1. Got 9 on June 11, which is close, but not quite. This week hopefully! SubPrime did 11 the day after doing 100 during the weekly Murph (yeah…weekly). He started F3 last September only able to do one! That’s what F3 is all about.

New goal: We all do five pull ups by the next “Measure Monday” and we all do 100 yard timed bear crawl. And the following time, we all do ten and 200 yard bear crawl. That’ll probably be August.

COT: It’s on everyone to help and support the guys who need it so we rise together. Get some!

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