Four Corners of Pain

When: 6/8/2108

QIC: Hightower

The PAX: Major Pain, Horse Punch, Sub Prime, Prenup, Leprechaun, Shamrock, Dr Dandelion, Gavel, NAFTA, Hightower


30 SSH, 10 Hill Billies, Mountain Climbers & Peter Parkers

The Thang:

4 Members of the PAX brought their rucksacks for a special coupon WOD. The PAX split into 4 groups with 1 ruck into each corner of the field. First corner Ruck curls, second corner ruck squats, third corner ruck shoulder press, forth corner ruck tri extension. Each person does 20 reps at each corner, then rotate by either lunge walk on short ends and bear crawl on long ends.
Then the PAX moved to center field for next Buddy Carry. Split into 4 groups for 59 yard Buddy Carry, while last group does Ruck Burpees Then switch partners for 5 rounds and rotate for burpees.


PAX finished with ring of Mary led by each member.


Launch Workout #2 tomorrow. Be there!
Happy hour tonight at Westover Beer Garden



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