A Viking at Heart

When: 6/4/2018

QIC: Speedo

The PAX: Horsepunch, Dr. Dandelion, Prenup, Subprime, Leprechaun, Shamrock, Major Payne, Hightower and FNG Gavel

With the official launch complete, the PAX of F3ArlingtonVa moved forward into the week with extreme gusto as Speedo led a workout on this cool first Monday of June that stirred the viking spirit amongst all present.


15 x SSH
10 X Cherry pickers
10 x Merkins
2 min hammer pass left and right

The Thang:

With everyone’s shoulders sufficiently smoked, it was time to mosey to the arena for a 5-station workout (split off into pairs)
Station 1: 3 stair runs as timer (first time up hit every stair once; then every other; then two feet per stair)
Station 2: Partner plank: slap your own left shoulder, plank, then slap your own right shoulder, plank, then partner high five – repeato!
Station 3: Box jumps on low wall
Station 4: Dips on low wall
Station 5: Partner sumo squats (Sit and stay in low squat facing partner – slap left chest, then right chest then partner double high five – repeato!

Mosey back to the turf field for some Viking Hammer Games
Half of the group fellowship run for two laps around track. Hold a plank until second group completes…

Station 1: Forearms – Timer – jog to bleachers and forearm roll 8lb gnome-smasher hammer and string: Control unroll until it touches the ground and bring it back up
Station 2: In squat – behind your head triceps curls with 10lb sledge (Viking) hammer.
Station 3: Static hold with 10lb sledge in front of you; adjust grip for difficulty
Station 4: Conan swings with hammer – never touching the ground
Station 5: Regular ax chops without hammer hitting ground – alternate right and left

Round of Mary
Ring of fire
Bonni’s torture
American twists
V-sit hammer pass


Thanks to all who come out to share the beatdowns in the gloom. F3 has been an important part of making each day better for YHC.

Welcome FNG Gavel!!


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